Brisbane reunion


  • Rainbow Beach – Brisbane
  • Reunite with Emily

These Greyhound buses are nowhere near as fun as Kiwi was, with no music or friends really. So it was nice to have the company of Jake and Chris on the way to Brisbane. As the bus approached the city, the skies grew darker and darker, to the point that we thought we’d missed the afternoon and it was legitimately nighttime. And then, as if right on queue, I stepped off the bus to the heavens opening and a downpour ensueing. Luckily, the hostel ran a shuttle bus service and I managed to avoid most of the rain.

I checked in and asked to be put in Emily’s room and then head up stairs to surprise her! It was lovely to see her face again and catch up on our last few weeks apart, even if the next hour was spent in bed waiting for the rain to subside. When it did eventually stop, we went out for a wonder of Brisbane, with Em as my tour guide since she’d been there a few days already.

The walk took us roughly towards Brisbane’s Southbank which is where all the shops are located and the lagoon. Brisbane is so like London its mad, other than the giant lagoon in the middle of the city, of course! They had a big wheel one side of the river, a bridge similar to Waterloo looking down to bridges similar to Blackfriars, grassy areas along the southbank and it’s even called southbank. The city was lively for a Sunday afternoon and it was my first real taste of Australian Christmas too as there were plenty of crimbo decorations lining the streets and a cute German-style Christmas market.

We stopped off at Max’s Chocolate Shop because we are girls who like not just alcohol, but also chocolate. I ordered a white chocolare cheesecake and cappuccino, both of which were served with a side pot of melted chocolate, and proceeded to devour the plate of chocolate, covering myself in food like a child would, whilst Christmas songs chimed in the background. Are you feeling festive already?!

Once I’d thoroughly cleaned up, we continued around to the lagoon to find a giant cinema screen above the water which was playing ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ 5 minutes later. As such, we found a good little spot on the sand and made camp for the next few hours, watching Christmas films to the view of children swimming and sand around us. Nothing says Christmas like being in a bikini and lagoon in the middle of a city at 8.30pm on a Sunday night!


When the film had finished and with our emotions high, the obvious option was beer. There was a really lovely bar terrace just behind the lagoon with a “Sunday Session” vibe going on and it made the perfect setting to end our reunion day, after which we wondered the 45 minutes back to the hostel, quickly grabbed some food and went to bed.

The following morning was unexciting, consisting of a free breakfast and wait for the bus to Surfers Paradise. Although my time in Brisbane was short, it exceeded all expectations as I had not heard such great reviews. I think perhaps I prefer the city life and it’s why I’ve loved places like this and Auckland.

So, 49 days in to ‘life from a bag’ and thank you Brizzy, you renuinte me with Em AND finally put me in the Christmas spirit.

Gabby x

P.S. Countdown to bday: 2 days

P.P.S. Countdown to Gina and Kit: 6 days


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