Sydney festivities


  • Byron Bay – Sydney
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
  • Boxing Day

I thought I’d split Sydney in to two posts considering I was there over the holiday period and got up to a lot of exciting things.

My long, awful bus journey, which now seems so long ago, got me in to Central Station at 6.30am and after a short taxi ride, I was at Kitty’s about 7.10am. Kitty lives in Randwick, a suburb of Sydney that is close to Coogee beach. She greeted me at the door in a little hungover state, whilst her boyfriend, Josh, and Gina slept in bed. Gina was still very much drunk from their previous night out and had climbed in to Kitty and Josh’s bed in Kit’s absence. When I went to wake her, she cuddled me and turned back over to sleep!

I let Kit go back to bed whilst I freshened up and waited for Em to arrive on the later bus. Once we’d both showered and had breakfast, we got comfy on Kitty’s sheep rug and fell asleep below Gina on the sofa. Everyone rose several hours later, which is when I finally got to meet Josh, and we made a shopping list for Christmas alcohol and food.

After lots of cuddles and catch ups we finally left the house to complete the Christmas shopping. At 4.45pm on Christmas Eve!! Coles and Liquor Store were more than adequate in providing us with the necessary and we also managed to pick up some Christmas hats and sunglasses for the occasion.

After unpacking the shopping, we chucked in some pizzas before pouring a glass of wine and settling on the sofa to watch ‘The Grinch’:

It was a quiet Christmas Eve so that we could be certain Santa would arrive, but also because we were all so tired and wanted to enjoy Christmas Day. We did however FaceTime Matt and catch up back home.

The next morning we were super excited because IT WAS CHRISTMAS! We had tea in bed, FaceTimed our families and showered before making classic Christmas breakfasts (note, multiple) of salmon and scrambled eggs on toast and a Nutella-filled puff pastry Christmas tree, accompanied by Buck’s Fizz (just prosecco for me). We followed this up with a FaceTime to the girls and the guys back at home who were celebrating Christmas Eve, and it was so lovely to all be back together again!

Christmas for the Kent’s usually means waiting until 5pm for presents. Luckily for me, it was Christmas in the Robo-Hodgo household and therefore, presents were at 11am, post-breakfast. The girls made it such a great present day considering I was away from home. It was like opening a whole stocking, full of body things, chocolate, stationary and all things cute. Josh’s friend Poppy had also joined us for present opening.

Eventually we completed the Christmas formalities and were on our way to the beach. That’s what you get to do on an Australian Christmas! When we got to Coogee, it was heaving. We struggled to find a spot for the 6 of us on the sand and the grass promenade was even more jam-packed.

The next few hours were then spent sunbathing, drinking champagne and goon, playing in the sea and dancing on the grass.

The waves at Coogee are brutal because they crash straight on the beach. Within 5 minutes I had been turned upside by one, losing my sunnies and chipping two teeth. Merry Christmas to me! Another trip to my best friend at the dentist.

About 6pm, Kit and I went back to hers to begin the chef duties. We had to prepare a feast for 8, of roast beef and roast chicken with all the trimmings (including home-made pigs in blankets), in her small oven. By the time the others joined us back home a few hours later, everything was cooking nicely. Eventually at 9.30pm and several bottles of champagne down, food was served!

I was extremely impressed with my first Christmas  dinner and received many compliments on the food. Perhaps a duty I could take over for next year, if Mum let’s me in the kitchen without a shouting match! We were all too full on the roast to attempt desert or cheese and it was also quite late by this point. Instead, I spoke to Nan and Grandad for a bit and then we put on ‘Wreck It Ralph’ in our drunk states. Said drunk states also meant we had all passed out within 30 minutes of the film starting, ending Christmas at 1am.

Boxing Day morning consisted of sore heads, ‘Fairly Odd Parents’ and sandwich making in preparation for the races. We dolled ourselves up, slapped on the suncream, and poured a glass of wine before joining forces with a few of Kitty and Josh’s friends and making our way to the bus. Our day was to be spent at Royal Randwick Racecourse and it was free entry for anyone with a British passport so we could save money for betting.

Prosecco seemed to go down quite nicely, all things considered. I also didn’t want to risk my money too much so bet on one race only, lost, and decided to take a rain check on losing anymore! Instead, Em and I went to meet Jane (from our kiwi bus) for a good old catch up and enjoyed watching the racing at the fence with prosecco in hand. Josh then introduced us to more of his friends so that the group became pretty sizeable and an enjoyable afternoon ensued.

We got back home about 6.30pm with Kitty the only winner that day. As such, cheese, wine and desert that should have been eaten the day before seemed like the only logical option for our fat little tummies, and made us all very happy! Good ol’ Bridget Jones kept us company for the evening and completed what had been three wonderfully festive, sunny days with my darling best friends.

So, 56 days in to ‘life from a bag’ and I have finally made it to my final destinations for this leg of the trip, had the most incredible reunion and Christmas, and am super excited for what is still to come in Sydney over these next two weeks.

Watch this space for Sydney Part II.

Gabby x


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