My Oz Round-Up

Now that I am back home, in the snow no less (!!!), it’s time to round up my time in Australia and take a look back at my last 5 weeks.

My favourite places (in order):

  1. Fraser Island. Spending 3 days driving around the sands and forest tracks in a 4×4 car, with the same group of 8 little munchkins! Sleeping in tents, cooking in our Fraser family, swimming in paradise lakes and lying on paradise beaches and absolutely beautiful weather, creeks and ocean. There is really nothing bad about Fraser Island and camping made it all the more fun. I was super lucky with the amazing group I was in, meeting up with some of them further down the coast, but seriously, Fraser Island was incredible and easily my favourite Australian location.
  2. Sydney. It can’t not be as I spent my time there with two of my absolute best home friends and best travelling friend. Sydney has so many things to do – the bridge, the opera house, the botanical gardens, the many outdoor pools, the stunning beaches and the fun nights out – all making for a super-fun, super-packed time, no matter how long you stay. I can see why so many people choose to live and work there and escape the British weather (especially now with the 0 degrees and snow going on outside).
  3. Surfers Paradise. Well, I know a lot of people enjoy their time in Surfers’ regardless of the occasion, although it has to be said that it is a very busy, very young and “party party” area. But, it was where I had my most favourite birthday ever, spent laughing and dancing and sunbathing and rock pool swimming. Therefore, go to Surfers’ to party and to sunbathe and love every second of it!

My favourite memories (in no particular order):

  • Birthday night in Surfers. I rave on about it because it was just so. much. fun!
  • New Years Day party. Kitty’s new year video started off our day of laughter and it continued late in to the night!
  • Christmas Day on the beach. The novelty of being on the beach on Christmas Day and it being the first day back with my girls made the whole thing extra special. This followed by a Christmas meal prepared by myself and Kit and tasting truly scrumptious, it made for an excellent Christmas in Australia.
  • Eli Creek afternoon on Fraser Island. We were all super close by then and just chilled out, played frisbee and football, floated down the creek and thoroughly enjoyed the sun and company. Not much more to be said than that afternoon was such a great one.
  • Airlie Beach lagoon day after the Whitsundays boat. This was the day that I was joined by Dan, Matt, Becky, Jon and a few others from our room and really appreciated the people I was with, the conversations we had, and the chill out day. Ironically the weather wasn’t great and I preferred this day to the boat but perhaps because the people really made it for me.
  • Skydive. The picture says it all. Totally awesome and I cannot wait to jump out another plane some time soon!

My must-dos (in chronological order):

  1. Cairns Daintree Rainforest tour – you’ll have fun with any company.
  2. Whitsundays tour. Two days and one night is enough to see it all, but definitely go see it, even just for the incredible patterns of the soft, white sand on Whitehaven beach.
  3. See the sunset at Agnes Water/1770. And if you’re there, go surfing! It’s a much quieter location to learn at.
  4. FRASER ISLAND! My favourite thing in Oz, go do it!
  5. Brisbane lagoon, just for the novelty of swimming with businessmen and shoppers passing right by. Brisbane was also so great during the Christmas period.
  6. Surfers Paradise night out. You will undoubtedly have fun!
  7. Byron Bay. The atmosphere is so unique and so hippy.
  8. Sydney. Everything in Sydney is worth seeing. Go there – go swimming, go sunbathing, go walking, go shopping, go partying, go brunching. Just go!

And here are the finest and not-so-finest Australian moments:





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