Sunday funday


  • Rivas – San Juan Del Sur
  • Sunday Funday pool crawl

After a slightly more affordable taxi back to Rivas bus station, Zalie and I hopped on a short chicken bus ride to San Juan Del Sur. It was to be my final stop in my final country and thus, the end of my seven month adventure. We walked the few blocks to Pachamama hostel and checked in to a four-bed dorm which we actually ended up having to ourselves. Not only was this a pleasant surprise, but also our favourite Irish boys – Jack, Aaron, Art and Jon – were packing up about to move to another hostel and staying for Sunday funday with us!

That evening pretty much all (and by all, I mean everyone except myself, Zalie and the security guard), head to the sister hostel in Managua for a party. We didn’t want to travel anymore that day so stayed put in town and walked up to what we thought was the location of Hola Ola hostel where the boys were staying. Turns out we’d got this drastically wrong but threw ourselves in to the party going on at whatever hostel it was that we were at! There we met Raffael and Amatai and some yogi guy and another German. Before land we were several rum shots, glasses of sangria and Toña beers down and ready to walk to San Juan’s main strip to continue this Friday night party!

Our night escalated quickly, heading to two bars and then a really fun club where the DJ played the first two versus of every song and then insisted on fading it in to a new one. Despite our annoyance, the alcohol worked wonders to fuel our dancing, singing, drinking and socialising purposes. Around 3am and after some drunk time spent on the beach (where, inevitably, my phone also went for a little swim; but fear not as it now works following a 3-day rice session), I head home to bed to find Zalie already passed out and asleep.

We woke up about 11am with an overwhelming feeling of nausea and pounding heads. The only two things possibly suited to dealing with such hangovers were super noodles and back-to-back episodes of ‘House’. About 3pm, after we’d cried our eyes out at babies dying in the hospital, our new roommate Max dared enter the hangover haven that was Room 2. I think he was honestly quite scared at what he’d walked in to but took it as best he could! We watched one more episode and decided it probably time to venture out for the day, at 4.30pm. No one’s wasting any days here, am I right?!

Heading out did only really mean getting an enchilada, a beer and sitting to watch the sunset on the beach with Max. He himself was drunk following the Champions League final and so all in good spirits, we swam away our sorrows and had a lovely early evening. Zalie and I then head out in search of vegetables for dinner in an attempt to regain some health and head back to the hostel. After dinner we participated in the hostels’ quiz night and won! Well, almost. We tied and they put it down to tie-break where we got every question wrong and lost out on free tickets for the next day. To pick ourselves up again we resumed bed positions with ‘House’ once more. All in all a solid hangover day where we really saw the many sights of San Juan Del Sur!

The next was the the great one. It was Sunday funday! We awaited Mel’s arrival (who we’d met in Masaya) and queued up for our tickets, collected our free t-shirts and went to purchase alcohol (at 10am). We followed this with a bailey’s iced coffee at a local cafe and some bread rolls ready to soak up the alcohol in our systems a little later on.

We prettified ourselves and then began drinking with the other hostel guests about midday. There I met Matt, who I had so many Bristol mutual friends with, we played beer pong with a group of Aussie’s, got to know German Marco and his brother Chris and met three Canadian girls with beautiful swimsuits on. The day had kicked off in very much the right way and it wasn’t long before our hostel, the first of four “pool crawl” stops was heaving. The Irish lads were yet to make an appearance though.

When we left, already extremely drunk, we saw Jack. He informed us the boys had really had a heavy Saturday night but were slowly getting back on it for the day. He walked with us to the second bar where the pool was bigger, the alcohol seemingly stronger, and the dancing most certainly crazier! We met Maggie and her Croatian boyfriend who were crazy and we’d end up spending a lot of time with, and then scoffed our faces with hot dogs in an attempt to regain control of our bodies before we got too wild. It was only 3pm and pool number 2 afterall.

Bar number 3 was the Naked Tiger hostel. Zalie and I bumped in to the boys from Friday night and caught up with them and then once again found the Irish guys. We ended up dancing, chatting and drinking with them for the entirety of the remaining Naked Tiger time, thankful to have their party moods return. Or so we thought! It wasn’t long before Jack disappeared and then Art, leaving just Aaron and Jom out to party.

We really were drunk by this point but our party wasn’t ending there. After being denied entry to the boys hostel we head to the last bar. This time a club on the beach where we could shake our booties all night. And just that we did. Until 1.30am when our 13-hour drinking sessions finally culminated in tiredness, sweatiness and highs of a really fantastically fun day.

The hangover was not quite as bad on the Monday but it certainly wasn’t going to be the most productive of days. Once again the whole hostel were feeling the effects of the day before and it was one that we could all solve with a group beach day. We called up Kirstee and Mel and invited them down to join us, and later on so did the Irish boys which meant that all our friends were here in one place for our finals day in San Juan. The beach was exactly what we needed, offering chicken wings, beers, cocktails and live music until nightfall. A splendid way to be hungover, debrief on Sunday’s gossip and spend my final full day of fun on these travels.

Zalie and I finished the day off with some Mexican food and our fave Irishmen. We waved them farewell off to their Ed Sheeran concert in Costa Rica (honestly this is no joke) and head home to our new roommate once more, Nate. He was more in to our hungover mess and drunk enthusiasm which meant we were inclined once more to get on the beers that night. In fact, the whole group did! Several drinking games later and everyone was very merry. I wasn’t feeling tip top and so declined the going out offer but wished my fellow friends a good night and went to bed.

Not much to report from my final morning in San Juan other than disgustingly unhealthy feelings, tiredness, sweat (it was 40 degrees) and a desire to get a hug from my Mum! Zalie waved me off on a chicken bus to Managua and that was that. Nicaragua done. My time with Zalie done. Travelling done. But what a fabulously fun party place to end with; a real blow out!

So, 220 days in to ‘life from a bag’ and life from a bag is ending. Sunday really was a funday. In fact, all my days in San Juan were and I couldn’t have asked for a lovelier group, complete with a few friends from other stops too, to really celebrate it all with. Over and out (for now!).

Gabby x


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